Owning a pool has a lot of advantages but it can have an impact on your power bill. But how much does it really affect the cost of electricity? Whether you’re wondering whether investing in certain equipment, like robotic pool cleaners Perth, will increase your electricity bill or you just want to find out more about what factors can impact on your power usage, we’re here to help. We’ll be taking a look at the impact owning a pool can have on your electricity bill.

What can impact on the power bill for your pool?

Heat pump If you choose to purchase a heat pump to keep the water ambient throughout the year, it can certainly lead to more enjoyable swimming conditions. Unfortunately, it can also increase the cost of your electricity bill significantly depending on which heat pump you choose. If you choose a heat pump rather than a solar option, you can expect to be paying more on your electricity bill. Pool pump The pool pump is the beating heart of your pool and it’s an essential piece of equipment – this isn’t something optional like a heat pump. Its job is to circulate all of the water through the pool filter to keep the water clear and healthy. Of course, this means it needs to operate for several hours each day which can add to your electricity bill. Luckily, a pool pump costs a lot less than a heat pump to operate but it still adds up. Water evaporation Water evaporation is an issue for most pools, especially in the hot weather in Australia. Although the rate of evaporation will spend on factors such as temperature, humidity and wind, any pool owner knows how quickly the water level can drop when the weather heats up. So, how does this affect your power bill? Well, if you have a heat pump then it has to work a lot harder which impacts on your power bill. Inground spa If you love a spa, we don’t blame you – there’s nothing quite as relaxing as getting into your inground spa at the end of the day. However, the reason that a spa is so nice is that the water is heated to a much higher temperature compared to your pool. This means that the heat pump is working hard which impacts on your electricity bill.

How can you reduce your pool power bill?

Consider solar heating If you want your pool to maintain a slightly more ambient temperature without it impacting too heavily on your electricity bill, you can consider solar heating. Solar heating relies on the power of the sun to heat up your pool by absorbing the heat of the sun with special tubing on the roof which then heats the water. This option is both easy to maintain and easy to install which makes it a great compromise if you don’t want to opt for a heat pump. Ensure you have the right pool pump It’s essential that you invest in an efficient pool pump so it doesn’t have an unnecessary impact on your power bill. If your pool pump is beginning to use more electricity than normal, get a professional to come and take a look as a replacement may be necessary. If you do need to replace your pump, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a bigger pump is better – a pump which is too big will simply consume large amounts of electricity. Your pool technician will be able to give you some guidance in relation to the best pump. Consider a pool cover If you’re worried about the impact the water evaporation is having on your heat pump, investing in a pool cover is a smart idea. Not only can pool covers help to maintain the temperature of the water, it can also significantly reduce water evaporation. Carry out regular maintenance One of the best ways you can ensure that your power bill is as low as possible is to carry out regular maintenance of your pool. This not only keeps your pool running efficiently but also picks up any issues with your pool equipment which could be impacting on electricity usage. Simple tasks such as emptying the skimmer box regularly can make a big difference as it means that your pool filter doesn’t have to work as hard.

Will a robotic pool cleaner increase your power bill?

Robotic pool cleaners are often a piece of pool equipment that domestic and commercial pool owners alike are interested in. Compared to the old fashioned suction pool cleaners, robotic pool cleaners use advanced computer technology to clean your entire pool quickly and thoroughly, even getting into those hard to reach spots. A robot pool cleaner is easy to operate (just plug it in and put it in the water!) and you don’t need to worry about issues like your cleaner getting stuck in corners or having to be on all the time to effectively clean. If you’re interested in robotic pool cleaners Perth but are worried about it leading to a huge increase in your power bill, you can relax. One of the best things a robotic pool cleaner is that their superior design means that they’re highly energy efficient. Most models use very little energy which means they not only help the environment but also your hip pocket! They also save on electricity due to the fact that they clean the pool in a shorter amount of time compared to suction cleaners and most models have customizable programs so you can choose exactly what type of clean you require. Although a robotic pool cleaner is a bigger financial investment in the first instance, it saves you money over time with your electricity bill.

The Perth pool experts

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