Maintain Your Swimming Pool
Pool maintenance isn’t as hard as you may think but it still needs to be done right. Without the correct pool maintenance, you could find yourself in a situation where your pool not only looks less than inviting but is also unhygienic. As the professionals when it comes to pool maintenance, we know how to get your pool looking its best. With that in mind, we’re here to share our top tips for having your pool look its best.

Get rid of debris

One of the most basic jobs you need to do to keep your pool clean is to remove any leaves or debris from the pool. Built-up debris, such as leaves, not only destroys the look of your pool but it can also lead to algae infestations and unbalanced chemicals. Get into the habit of scooping your pool regularly and emptying your skimmer basket. If you’re sick of collecting debris, consider a pool cover to keep your water leaf-free. There are

Run the pump for the right length of time

A lot of people make the mistake of running their pool pump for too short a time, which means that the chemicals aren’t getting the mixed property and the water isn’t circulating as it should. In the summer months, you’ll need to run the pump for 7-8 hours per day on average. However, this will depend on the size of your pool and the level of use it’s getting so get some guidance from your local pool shop if you’re unsure.

Balance your chemicals

If you want to be confident that your pool water is hygienic, you need to test the water regularly. This can be carried out every few weeks during the offseason but should increase to weekly in the summer. You need to ensure that your pool’s pH is between 7.2 and 7.6 for optimal swimming conditions. If you’re new to water testing, just bring a sample of your water along to your local pool shop and they’ll tell you what you need to do. Once you’re a bit more confident, you can just use at-home testing kits for your water.

Monitor the water level

If your water level drops too low, it can cause serious damage to your pool equipment. With this in mind, make sure the water level is halfway up the skimmer box. It’s particularly important to keep an eye on the water level during the summer months due to the effects of evaporation. If you’re away, ask someone to keep an eye on the pool to keep the water level up or hire a pool technician to maintain it in your absence.

Maintain your pool pump

One of the regular pool pump maintenance items on your list should be checking the pump basket regularly. Leaves and debris can build up very quickly and impact on the performance of the whole system, resulting in decreased water flow. Aim to clear it once a week. Other than that, just ensure that your pump isn’t covered and there is plenty of air circulating around it. If you find that your pool pump is making strange sounds or isn’t operating as it should call in the experts!

Keep on top of algae

If your pool is suddenly turning green, don’t panic – it happens to all pool owners and is generally an indication that you have an algae infestation. So, what do you do? Once you’ve cleared your pool of debris, ‘shock’ your pool by super chlorinating your water. Let this circulate for about an hour before adding an algaecide and, in some cases, a flocculating agent. Next, scrub the surfaces of your pool to dislodge any algae and then run your filter for at least eight hours. You can also take steps to prevent algae by ensuring that the pH of your water is balanced and keeping your filter clean.

Maintain your pool filter

Maintaining your pool filter will depend on the type of filter you have. For a sand filter, you need to backwash the water on a regular basis. The frequency of backwashing will depend on the level of use of the water but in the summer months you should be backwashing around weekly. For a cartridge filter, just keep an eye on the cartridge element and gently clean it with the hose or soak it if you notice that there’s a build-up of dirt and debris. You should also replace your cartridge element if it becomes damaged or worn.

Use a professional pool maintenance service

It’s totally up to you if you want to get a professional in to carry out your regular servicing and maintenance. If you’re finding that keeping up with the required maintenance is a bit of a struggle or you just don’t have time, a lot of people like the convenience of a pool technician. You can choose to have a pool technician in every fortnight or just before each swimming season – whenever suits you. Of course, there are times when you should always call in the experts. If you’re struggling with water quality issues or your pool equipment is having issues, it’s best to get your pool technician in before a small problem turns into something bigger.

Let us take the hard work out

Here at Pool Assist, we offer professional servicing and maintenance to ensure your pool and spa are clean and healthy. We’re accredited through with SPASA WA and all of our technicians undergo industry training to ensure optimal results for our customers. We’re able to offer general maintenance, as well as more complex repairs. At Pool Assist, we take the hard work out for – just sit back and enjoy the water! For expert pool maintenance, contact Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62.