Brine, Salt water, swimming pool filter, valves and pumps in a purpose built hut.

Owning a pool in Australia can be expensive, however there are certain measures you can implement in order to reduce these costs. Once your pool is installed, it is up to you to choose energy saving and cost saving equipment. Pool Assist explains more below.

Are Eco Pool Pumps Worth It?

A question you need to consider and do your research on, is ‘Are eco pool pumps worth it?’ as well as ‘How much kw does a pool pump use?’. Recent studies of households with a pool have shown that, on average, 18% of a household’s electricity output comes from the pool pump. This shows that pool pump energy output is extremely high and will end up costing you a fortune in the future. When considering pool pump energy output, it may be in your best interests to look into an eco-pool pump.

How Much KW Does a Pool Pump Use and How to Reduce It

By purchasing a pool pump with variable speeds, you are able to significantly reduce the pool pump energy output and, in turn, reduce your costs by a large amount. Depending on the make and model, running the pump at half speed might cost you only 1/8th of your original running costs. Yes, you may need to run the pump for longer to achieve the same results, however you will still be making meaningful reductions in your energy output and power costs.

Affinity Law and Pool Pump Energy Output

Affinity law refers to a nonlinear rate of reduction of power consumption, when reducing the speed and water flow levels of your pool pump. It effectively explains that there are dramatic reductions in power output based on the speed of the pump. Refer to the above paragraph for an example.

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