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As the colder months roll around and you start to use your pool less and less, it is important to start implementing a pool maintenance schedule so that you can be sure your pool will be ready and clean when the sun starts to scorch again! Swimming pools in cooler months often are ignored, not cleaned and no maintenance performed, leading to detrimental effects on your pool equipment, pool water and pool surface. In order to avoid this, the team at Pool Assist has come up with some pool cleaning tips and suggestions to help you keep your pool sparkling clean.

1. Implement a Pool Maintenance Schedule

 Swimming pools in cooler months are often covered and ignored. This results in a build-up of unwanted algae, debris and bacteria. In order to avoid this, we suggest implementing and sticking to a pool maintenance schedule. Pool Assist recommends leaving your pool uncovered in cooler months, but if you choose to use a cover, you should open the cover once every couple of weeks, clear out any debris or dirt that may be sitting on the surface. Then, at the very minimum, you should check the chlorine and pH levels and adjust them accordingly. By keeping your chlorine and pH levels correct, even when your pool is not in use, you will extend the life of your pool equipment as well as minimise the chances of the pool going green and leading to a costly clean-up.

2. Know How to Look After a Pool

It may sound simple and easy, but doing your research into pool maintenance and looking into pool cleaning tips will help you know how to look after a pool. This means you won’t need to rely on technicians to come and do it for you.

3. Clear Debris Every Few Weeks

: Unless your pool is heated, we recommend leaving the cover off your pool for a couple of reasons: the chlorine levels won’t build-up as they often do under a pool cover, and you can keep an eye on the water to be able to react as required if anything goes awry. Of course, if you are in a particularly leafy environment then we understand you may wish to have the cover on.  We do, however, recommend not leaving it on for extended periods of time. Before the cooler months roll around, make sure you clear your pool of all debris, rubbish, leaves, general dirt and any frogs or other wildlife. We recommend you do this every couple of weeks.

4. Clean Your Filter

After a summer of heavy use, your pool filter has been put through a lot! In order for your pool filter to continue working properly, it is vital that it is cleaned and looked after correctly. If your filter is old and has been used extensively for a few hot summers, it might be time to investigate chemically cleaning the filter.

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