Choosing An Automatic Pool Cleaner
It's time to pass the age of manually cleaning your pool and take the step into enjoying it wherever you want. If you have recently purchased a new pool then congratulations on joining the pool life, if you already have one then you probably realize the impact an automatic cleaner will have. When choosing anything pool related it's always wise to go to the best pool cleaner Perth. For when it comes to purchasing your own automatic pool cleaner the best place to go is the Pool Assist page where you can find a wide variety of great options as well as accessories for anything pool related. Don’t take the risk and go with the best.

Why An Automatic Pool Cleaner Is The Way To Go

There are some very obvious reasons as to why an automatic pool cleaner is the better choice compared to using an old scoop or something else. Why risk getting yourself hit with pool water when you can use automation to do all your tasks for you. Over time the sophistication of pool cleaners on the market has increased dramatically. Becoming more compact, intelligent, and downright efficient has been the goal of the leading automatic pool cleaner developers. When you choose to buy from Pool Assist you are going with a well respected automatic pool cleaning company that will make your pool as pristine and clean as the day you got it. Pool Assist also gets a lot of respect from the top developing pool companies and it’s no wonder as they are the best pool cleaner Perth choice. That's another topic to note, the quality of an automatic pool cleaner. When you have to design something that is automatic it also needs to be good at its task. The currently available options show innovation and the quality of your water after using one will astonish you.

A Clean Pool Means Less Hassle

The hassle to keep your pool clean by hand and tool is a very arduous and unnecessarily tough journey that can take up the whole afternoon that could have been spent relaxing in said pool. With an automatic pool cleaner, you can spend your day out at work or with friends and return home where you can enter your pool without the extra effort of cleaning. Perfect for setting up while away, the automatic pool cleaners are great for the extroverted pool owners. When you think about it, having an automatic pool cleaner is great but it really shines during certain seasons throughout the year. In situations where the weather is harsh, like incredibly hot in summer or absolutely freezing in winter, the last thing you want to do is go outside in that weather. More than likely you won't go taking a skip in the pool during winter unless you have a heater and if so great job, but cleaning something inconsistent small increments is better than doing it all at once. By keeping your pool clean constantly then the time when you want to use it in summer the effort to clean it up will be substantially smaller. Jumping in the pool on a hot day whenever you want is a luxury worth the cost.

A Wide Variety Of Great Cleaners

You probably never realized how much of a variety you can choose from when selecting an automatic pool cleaner. Pool Assist keeps up the reputation of being one of the best pool cleaner Perth thanks to the many options to choose from. All of the selection is great and they all have their own reasons to be chosen. From price to design, when you choose your automatic pool cleaner the right one will be there for you. No more waiting, here is a list of all the automatic pool cleaners available:

Robotic Pool Cleaner:

Robotics has made a name of itself by being the leading brand when it comes to automatic pool cleaners. This has been done by its consistency and innovative designs that produce clean results. Where this option shines is its popularity, finding and buying repair parts are super easy.

Zodiac Pool Cleaners:

This pool cleaner is amazing and just like most on the list is a little robot separate from the pump that moves throughout the pool. By functioning with daily cycles to keep your pool clean this is a good choice to choose for those who can set it for when they are out at work or something else. All companies on this list are strong but the Zodiac pool cleaners have an amazing suction power to clean your pool.

Dolphin Pool Cleaners:

Now we move onto the dolphin pool cleaner which has excelled in designing an automatic pool cleaner that is suited for any pool. With dolphins' advanced technology their pool cleaner can move throughout any pool shape or size while also creating a very efficient path to reduce time and cost. This is by far the greatest option if your pool is oddly shaped or really large.

Hayward Pool Cleaners:

The Hayward pool cleaner is the most efficient option of the bunch and suits the people who want a pool cleaner but didn't expect the cost of running it. The power required to keep this pool cleaner running is less than the rest if not by a bit but what really matters in the long run. A small price to run difference can really build up fast when you add in how long this machine will be running for.

Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaners:

Old reliable Kreepy Krauly. When the whole automatic pool cleaner era started this was the most well-known company because of its friendly name and unique design. With so many years under the manufacturing belt, you can easily see why this is an allrounder in terms of performance. Though some others might shine in particular categories the Kreepy Krauly line will never cease to keep the owners' pool nice and clean.  
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