Pool Filters

3 Types Of Pool Filters

Pool filters can come in one of three types, being cartridge filters, sand filters, and diatomaceous earth filters (commonly known as D.E. filters). Your pool will be clean and clear, free of particles no matter the type of filtration system you use. All filters are used together with your main pool pump. However, there are distinct differences in the efficiency and required upkeep of each filter.

Best Pool Filter Type - Sand Filters

Sand filters are the easiest to maintain, yet has the poorest filtering ability, making them the least efficient of the filtration systems on the market. Sand filters are an unappealing choice of the filter as they also cause extreme water waste and consume a hefty amount of energy. Thus, there are much better alternatives to sand filters on the market, so if your pool is operating with a sand filtration system, it is time to upgrade to a more efficient, water-saving filter.

Best Pool Filter Type - Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are more efficient and less wasteful than sand filters. The pool water passes through the cartridge filter and the filter catches all evidence of debris. Cartridge filters tend to wear out quickly though, and will need to be cleaned a few times during a season and require a replacement once every few years.

Best Pool Filter Type - Diatomaceous Earth Filters

The most effective filter on the market today would have to be the D.E. filter. This filter is composed of fossilized diatoms, which is a sponge-like organism that is impossible to see with the human eye. Diatomaceous filters work brilliantly for pools used during the night that need to be lit up, as the clarity of the water is really shown when using a D.E filter. Diatomaceous filters will also save you money in regards to energy and water consumption as contrasted with sand and cartridge filters. Overall, finding the best pool filter system for your pool will comprise of deciding on the variables of the ease of maintenance, the filtering ability, and the equipment of your pool and situation.
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