When you own a pool, it makes life a whole lot easier if you have the support of a professional pool shop or service business to support you. But how do you know if a certain company is going to provide good service? If you’re looking for quality pool shops Perth, were here to share what you should look for if you want to find the best pool company for servicing and equipment.

1. Quality pool equipment and accessories

When you own a pool, there are a going to be times when you may need to invest in new equipment or accessories. With that in mind, you should be confident that your pool company offers leading brands of equipment so you can be sure that you’re receiving quality products which will stand the test of time.

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2. Offer advice and troubleshooting

As well as selling the equipment, you should also be receiving expert advice around the best products for your specific needs. These professional recommendations are invaluable for the smooth running of your pool and means you won’t be stuck with equipment which doesn’t fit the bill.

3. Expert installation of pool equipment

Once you’ve chosen new equipment for your pool, you don’t want to have to find another service to do the actual installation. A professional service will be able to carry out the installation of your pool equipment and give you the run down on how to operate it correctly. They should also be contactable for troubleshooting!

4. Confirmation of accreditation and training

If you want to be confident that you’ve found a quality pool service business, check that they’re accredited with the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) WA. The pool technicians should also be property trained and receive ongoing additional training and supervision. Not sure about the level of experience a pool company has? Just ask!

5. Professional servicing and maintenance

One of the main services you can expect from your pool shop is maintenance, whether it’s regular or on an ad hoc basis. Take notice about how the technicians present themselves and how they follow up following a service. Do they wear uniforms and represent the company professionally? Do they follow up on communication quickly and provide a report back to you?

6. Willingness to carry out repairs

Replacing pool equipment, such as your pump or filter, can be very expensive, so it makes sense that you choose a pool business with an emphasis on carrying out repairs. Rather than pushing you to pay up for replacements, your technician should be looking at repairs which could prolong the life of your existing equipment

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