4 Things Your Pool Service Technician Wish You Knew

There are a lot of benefits to owning a pool – not only do they look great but they’re also the perfect way to escape the Australian hot weather! As expert pool technicians, we know how much people love their pools and we do our part to ensure customers have clean, hygienic water to swim in. Over the years, we’ve come across our fair share of pool-related issues so today we’re sharing some of the things that we wish our customers knew to make owning a pool that little bit easier.

Pool Service Technician

1. Regular maintenance will benefit you in the long run

Pool maintenance is one of those things that people know they should do but tend to avoid. However, the thought of it is often worse that the reality and the truth is that simple weekly maintenance generally takes no time at all. However, neglecting your pool can lead to much bigger and more expensive problems in the long run. Make a list of pool maintenance jobs and set a reminder for yourself when you need to do various tasks – looking after your pool will keep your water sparkling and your equipment running well.

2. Your fences may not be up to standard

When you own a pool, safety is paramount and you need to have fences which comply with your local regulations. We often see old fences which don’t comply anymore, gates which don’t shut properly or fences which can be too easily climbed. If you’re not sure if your fences are compliant, or you know there are issues, have them checked and fixed up as soon as possible. Your local council will be able to assist you.

3. Get small issues looked at before they become big problems

You’ve got a lot to think about so we understand why you might be ignoring the strange sound that your pool pump is making or your increasingly cloudy water despite your filter running. However, remember that small issues with your pool equipment can become more difficult to fix as time goes on. Get your technician out to take a look if you think there’s an issue with your pool – an easy repair is a lot cheaper than having to fully replace an expensive piece of equipment.

4. You don’t need to commit to regular servicing

Some people like the consistency of regular fortnightly or monthly servicing by a pool technician for ongoing maintenance. However, don’t worry if you don’t require a regular visit – your pool technician will work around you! You can organise a pool service before swimming season starts, organise for a once-off professional service and clean if you’re hosting an event or book in some maintenance when the water is looking especially grimy. Whatever works for you!

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