Astral XC 50 Cartridge Filter Unit

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The Astral XC cartridge filter is a compact and unique design for any Australian swimming pool.  This cartridge filter is ideal for all spas and swimming pools where waste water disposal or water restrictions are in force. 



The XC cartridge filter achieves remarkable water filtration and clarity but is also environmentally friendly and responsible.


The engineered Cyclonic action pushes the debris towards the walls of the filter and helps clear contaminants quicker, avoiding clogging of the filter element. This in-turn reduces pressure on the water pump leading to increased energy savings.



The XC cartridge filter reduces maintenance while saving thousands of litres of water every year. It takes just 100 litres of water to clean the elements instead of backwashing thousands of litres to clean a sand filter. The XC cartridge filter makes it easier to be responsible with water. Visit for further information.


Available in 6 sizes: 

  1. Astral XC50 Cartridge Filter
  2. Astral XC75 Cartridge Filter
  3. Astral XC100 Cartridge Filter
  4. Astral XC150 Cartridge Filter 
  5. Astral XC200 Cartridge Filter  
  6. Astral XC250 Cartridge Filter  



  • 5 Year warranty on Filter body, lid and locking ring
  • 12-month warranty on Filter Element, O-rings and gasket seals

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