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Chemigem Pool Controls

Maintaining the chemical levels in your pool is essential for the health and safety of pool users – too little and the water becomes unhygienic, too much and the water can irritate the skin and eyes. Rather than spending time manually adding chemicals yourself, Chemigem pool controls take the guesswork out thanks to their convenience automated system. Pool Assist stock Chemigem pool controls and are on hand to assist with installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance so you get the most out of your investment.

Take out the guesswork with Chemigem pool controls

Adding chemicals to your pool manually is not only time consuming but is also very hit and miss and often results in the levels being off. Chemigem pool controls are a fast, efficient alternative to sanitizing your pool yourself and they take away the hard work thanks to the fully automated system. When operating correctly, a Chemigem will regulate the pool quality and provide precise, consistent levels of chemicals. Thanks to the accurate assessment of your water quality, it means that a Chemigem uses far fewer chemicals which saves you money.

Due to the precise monitoring of the pH and ORP, your Chemigem controls make sure water is maintained within the safe range which means you can be confident that your pool is ready to go. The display on your Chemigem pool controls are easy to understand and can be programmed to suit your needs. Pool controls offer you the ultimate peace of mind – Chemigem looks after your pool so you don’t have to!

Pool Assist offers a range of Chemigem models to suit the specific requirements of your pool, including the popular Chemigem D10. If you’re interested in having the convenience of Chemigem pool controls for your commercial or domestic pool, Pool Assist can come to you and conduct a thorough assessment and an obligations free quote.

Let us look after your Chemigem pool controls

Choosing a high-quality product such as Chemigen pool controls is a long term investment and Pool Assist are committed to helping our customers avoid expensive replacements by providing first-class mobile maintenance and repair services. We’re familiar with all of the main brands and are able to expertly diagnose and repair any issues. Let us help ensure that your pool equipment continues to perform reliably with our regular maintenance services.

Pool Assist is a family operated business and our focus is on providing exceptional customer service throughout the Perth inner suburbs. We only carry the top brands of pool and spa equipment and accessories so our customers are guaranteed quality. We take pride in our products and are on hand to answer any questions you might have along the way, as well as offering high-quality maintenance and cleaning to have your pool looking pristine and running efficiently throughout the year.

For more information about pool controls Perth, speak to the team at Pool Assist today.