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Pool Algae Problems

Noticing that your swimming pool has recently taken on more of a greenish hue? This is a huge cause for concern and a cause to take action to call in a professional swimming pool cleaner.

The greenish hue can be very harmful and is the start of a pool algae infestation.

What is pool algae?

Pool algae is a green, single-celled organism that cannot only change the colour of your swimming pool, but also leave a slick, slimy residue on your pool floor and walls.

Working with a professional pool cleaner will help ensure that your swimming pool will not be plagued by algae.

Even if your swimming pool is the most well maintained pool in the country, you may still be prone to an algae outbreak. The spores of the algae may be carried into your pool by your swimmers or the wind.

The shallow end of your pool is more prone to an infestation of algae as the water is more quickly heated up during the summer days than the deeper water. Your professional pool cleaner should take extra care when cleaning the shallow end of your pool, as well as the areas including and surrounding the ladders and pool steps.

Pool algae can take a lot of time and effort to remove when it has taken hold, as it not only requires thoroughly cleaning the pool itself but all pool equipment as well, along with a more than likely super-chlorination of your pool water to ensure all algae spores have been killed off.