Owning a pool is much more than diving in after a long, hot day at work or floating on an inflatable flamingo on a lazy Sunday, they require regular attention and care to stay safe and swimmable. Here, our pool specialists discuss the 5 tips you should follow to maintain your pool and keep it healthy for many years to come!


To help minimise the build-up of algae and calcium deposits, regular brushing of your pool walls is highly recommended. Depending on the type of material your walls are made from, you will need to use certain cleaning tools. For plaster-lined concrete pools use a stiff brush, for vinyl, fibreglass and tiles, use a soft brush to prevent scratching. To keep your pool looking great, you should be brushing the surface at least twice a week for maximum effect.


In addition to scrubbing, skimming the surface of your pool with a skimmer shovel a few days a week is a simple and easy way to keep your pool free from debris. Using a long-handled net will help you reach the entire surface and capture leaves, dirt, insects and any unwanted items that have fallen in before they hit the bottom of the pool.


In the height and extreme heat of summer, your pool should be vacuumed frequently to maintain fresh and safe water for your family to enjoy. Doing so will not only clear debris but reduce the amount of chemicals you need to add to the pool to keep the water clean. Pool vacuums are easy to use and can save you much-needed time that you can then spend in the pool instead of outside cleaning it. 

Water testing

As well as having a great looking pool, free from dirt and debris, the cleanliness of your swimming water is essential to the longevity of your pool. Whether your pool is chlorinated or saltwater, you need good pH levels, acidity and alkalinity. It is always best to first bring in a pool maintenance professional to conduct comprehensive test, check your pool equipment and provide advice for prolonged care and chemical maintenance. You can then continue taking care of your water levels with an at-home professional testing kit.

Pool pump and filter

Removing debris and continuously circulating water, pool pumps and filters work together to create safer swimming water and a cleaner pool. It’s vital that you keep the systems in top shape - and invest in a reputable brand - so they can accurately perform their jobs and maintain fresh, non-contaminated water for your family to splash around in.

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