The optimal pool lighting design will not only help you successfully light your pool for usage, but it will help evoke an emotional experience for swimmers. By combining smart positioning and a touch of colour you can set the tone of your pool and help bring it to life with quality pool lights. You can also do your bit for the environment with energy efficient LED lights and handle the matter of pool safety.

So, let’s find out how you can achieve a brilliant pool lighting design.

Your Pool Colour And Texture

Whether your pool is tiled, fibreglass or concrete, this will affect the quality of light in your pool. If the surface of your pool is a dark hue then it will absorb more light, while lighter coloured pools will reflect it. To combat this issue, for a darker pool you should expect to use 1.5 lights for every 1 light used in a pool with a light surface. This will ensure that the LED pool lights actually perform their intended purpose, and the overall coverage of light is even.

The Colour Of The Lights

Pool lighting should be bright regardless of whether you want blue, white or multi-colour. Water can absorb light, but if you choose a strong, good quality LED pool light it should illuminate the area well. The colour of your pool lighting is a personal choice, and while absorption varies with each, don’t be afraid to use colours that you emotionally connect with. You can turn your pool into a tropical oasis with blue hues, or get the party started with a rainbow of changing colours.  

Safety First

Pool lights help swimmers and those around the area see where steps and walls are to prevent injuries. The higher the frequency, the better the visibility, which is why LED options are always best. Emitting a higher frequency, LED pool lights will keep your pool well-lit with only a few bulbs, but you should also light up the landscaping of your pool to ensure that swimmers getting in or out can see beyond the interior surface.

Pool lighting allows you to add another touch of your personality to your swimming area and create a welcoming and safe aesthetic. To learn more about pool lights, the importance of correct illumination, and to find what works best for you, contact the experts at Perth Pool Professionals today.