pool cleaning service perth
Having a pool included in your commercial property can be a big drawcard and a smart investment – after all, everyone loves to cool off in the Australian heat! However, if you have a commercial pool, then you’re also responsible for maintaining it. Rather than do it themselves, many people turn to the pool experts for this task. If you have a commercial pool, let’s take a closer look at why it’s a good idea to call in the professionals to take care of it.

Saves you time

It can often seem like a manageable task to look after your commercial pool, particularly if it’s relatively small. However, if you’re already busy, maintaining a commercial pool can start to eat into your precious time. With a professional pool service, you simply book them in and let them do the rest, while you get onto other tasks.

Pristine results

No matter how carefully you maintain your commercial pool, you might be getting frustrated with the less than crystal clear results which mean your pool isn’t looking as inviting as you’d like. Worse still, you could be facing bigger issues such as regular algae infestations which can be difficult to treat. With a professional pool service, they know exactly what they need to do to get your pool looking pristine year-round. They can also be called upon before special events to ensure your pool looks its best.

Duty of care

When you have a residential pool, you only have your family and the occasional visitor to worry about. However, you’re responsible for a lot more people with a commercial pool and you need to ensure that your water is healthy. With too little chemicals, you risk people becoming ill, and too many chemicals can cause skin irritations. Not only that, but the local authorities will also monitor commercial pools to ensure they’re up to standard. Don’t risk the health of pool users – get a pool technician in to make sure everything is balanced.

Professional expertise

A professional pool cleaning service doesn’t just have the necessary skill to keep your pool clean and healthy. They can also offer any expert advice along the way to ensure your commercial pool runs optimally. If you’re having issues with your pool equipment, or need some advice around maintenance or repairs, your technician will be on hand to help. Here at Pool Assist, we provide both residential and commercial pool maintenance. Whether you’d like regular pool care services on a fortnightly, monthly, or seasonal basis, our qualified technicians are able to carry out repairs and maintenance as required. With our attention to detail and combined experience, we guarantee pristine results. If you’ve been on the lookout for commercial pool maintenance companies, contact Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62 and we can arrange a schedule that suits your needs.