Top 5 Summer Pool Safety Tips

Summer is the time when we can really start enjoying the pool with friends and family. However, you also need to be more vigilant with safely during high use periods. Pool Assist provides professional pool services Perth and we want our customers to enjoy the water safely. With that in mind, we’re sharing our top pool safety tips for the summer months.

Set pool rules

To ensure everyone who uses the pool knows what’s expected, it’s a good idea to set some pool rules that everyone has to follow. This includes any visitors to the house. Some common rules include not running around pool, only diving in the deep end with an adult around, and checking with an adult before going for a swim.

Check your pool gate and fence

Keep an eye on your pool gate and make sure that it swings back into a closed position after being opened and that the latch works. Never prop the gate open, even for a short time. Check that your pool fence doesn’t have any damage and ensure that there are no chairs or trees nearby which can be used to climb the fence. Your local council will also conduct checks of your pool fence and gate to make sure it meets standards.

Always supervise children

If you have children using your pool, they must be supervised at all times. For children under 10 years of age, this means active supervision which means they have to be within easy reach. Even if there are other adults around, don’t assume they’re watching – check in with everyone to see who’s keeping an eye on the kids.

Store chemicals safely

You need to have pool chemicals on hand to keep the pH of the water just right but remember not to become complacent about storage. Keep them stored out of sight and out of reach of children, preferably in a locked shed. Never decant chemicals into unlabelled containers.

Learn CPR

If you own a pool, it’s a good idea for someone in the household to learn CPR. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it but having the skills gives you added peace of mind around the pool. For CPR courses in Perth, you can contact Royal Life Saving WA or St John Ambulance WA for courses near you. You also easily purchase a CPR Resuscitation Chart and have this in an easy view by the pool.

Here at Pool Assist, we love to see our customers enjoying their pool. We offer professional swimming pool service, including cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, to ensure you the most out of the summer months. Whether you want regular cleaning services or are having issues with your pool equipment which needs an expert eye, our certified technicians can help.

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