Pool Pump
If you had to choose the most important piece of pool equipment, it would have to be the pool pump which quite literally acts as the heart of the pool. If your pool pump isn’t working properly, your water can’t circulate effectively and it will also impact on the operation of your filter and chlorinator which also relies on the pump. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at your pool pump and the important role it plays.

The role of the pool pump

The pool pump pulls water from the pool, runs it through the filter, then the chlorinator (or other sanitiser) and returns it to the pool. This allows your water to have any dirt and debris removed by the filter and the circulation action also allows for chemicals to be distributed evenly throughout the pool. The pump is made up of three main parts – the motor, impeller, and ‘hair and lint’ basket. These all work together to ensure the pump works efficiently.

Choosing a pool pump

When it comes to choosing a new pool pump, you need to choose an option which suits the size of your pool. A pump that’s not powerful enough won’t be able to circulate the water effectively and a pump which is too powerful means the filter (and your plumbing) won’t be able to keep up with the flow rate. When it comes to choosing a pump which is the correct size, a general rule of thumb is that you need a pump which will be able to circulate all of the water in your pool in eight hours.

Maintaining your pool pump

If it’s not protected, it’s a good idea to arrange some shelter for your pump to shield it from the elements – if you can’t keep it in a shed, you can invest in a cover. Remember to regularly clean out the pump basket so it’s free of build-up and debris. One of the easiest ways to maintain your pool pump is to organise regular servicing by an expert – your pool technician will be able to carry out maintenance and repairs on your pump as required.

Issues with your pool pump

Given the important role that your pool pump plays in the health of the water, it’s essential that you address any issues quickly. Keep an eye out for issues such as leaking water, strange noises (such as screeching or grinding), air leaks or electrical problems. Often it’s a case of quick fix with a new o-ring and it’s best to get any problems looked out so you can avoid potentially expensive replacements. Here at Pool Assist, we have pool equipment for sale and carry only the most reputable brands to ensure a quality product. Our experienced technicians also provide expert pool equipment repair and servicing to ensure that your equipment runs smoothly throughout the year. Speak to our experienced team today! For quality pool equipment Perth, contact Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62 or visit one of our three service hubs.