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If you’re keen to keep your pool looking as sparkling as possible, there’s a lot of good information out there which can help make pool maintenance as easy as possible. However, there are also a lot of common misconceptions that don’t do pool owners any favors. As experts in pool service Perth, we’ve heard our fair share of myths around pool maintenance. Today, let’s separate fact from fiction!

A green pool means you’re lazy

Way too many people take it personally when their pool turns green from an algae infestation. The truth is that it can be caused by a variety of reasons and doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not doing a good job. Algae is present in almost every pool and factors such as warm water and sunlight, high pH levels, low chlorine levels, lack of circulation, and the presence of nitrates can cause it to bloom. If you have algae, speak to your local pool store about the best treatment.

You don’t need to maintain your pool during winter

We hear this one a lot. Although it would certainly make your life easier if this was true, the truth is that you need to continue to regularly maintain your pool over winter to avoid more serious issues as the weather heats up. Over winter, make sure you continue to test your water regularly so the pH stays between 7.2 and 7.6, clear out leaves and debris, run your pool pump three to four hours a day, and backwash monthly.

Pools use too much electricity

Pools have a reputation as chewing through electricity and once upon a time, it’s true that pools tended to use up a lot of power. However, with advances in technology, good quality modern pool equipment such as variable speed pumps and energy-efficient chlorinators will minimize the impact on your electricity bill. There are also additional accessories, such as pool covers, which will further reduce the costs.

You need to drain your pool to properly clean it

You might have heard that to really give your pool a proper clean, you have to completely drain it, but this can actually be a very bad idea. Draining your pool can cause serious damage to the walls, as well as being an unnecessary waste of water (let alone the water expense). With the proper equipment and a little help from the professionals, you can clean your pool without having to drain it. If you need some extra advice on pool maintenance, simply speak to your pool technician and they’ll be able to tell you what you need to know about looking after your pool. At Pool Assist, we specialize in high quality and cost-effective swimming pool service. Whether you need regular maintenance or only need help a couple of times a year, our certified technicians will leave your pool pristine and healthy. We also offer professional repairs so your equipment continues to perform optimally. For expert swimming pool cleaning services, speak with the team at Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62 or fill in our online inquiry form.