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In Australia, swimming pools in cooler months are often covered, closed up and left unused until the hot summer months come around again. At Pool Assist, we can help you install a heated pool system which will allow you to swim in the cooler months and get the most out of your home pool. There is nothing quite like a warm pool swim when the weather is cold, and we want to help you achieve this. With the use of heating pool pumps, you can get your pool temperature to the ideal heat level, to give you the opportunity to still enjoy your pool during cooler months.

Benefits of Heated Pools

Home swimming pools are a significant investment and, although it is true that most pool owners get a lot of use out of it during summer, swimming pools in cooler months often lay neglected. This can lead to issues with hygiene and cleanliness when you do eventually want to use your pool again when the weather warms up. By installing a heat pump, you can enjoy a heated pool temperature that will allow you to use the pool even on the coldest of days.

Be Unique and Swim in the Cooler months

Backyard pools are a staple of any Australian summer. We love nothing more than having some friends around, cracking some cold brews, firing up the BBQ and jumping in the pool for a cool off. With a heated pool system, you can continue having friends around to enjoy your outdoor entertaining space, even in the cooler months. Instead of jumping in the pool to cool off, you’ll be jumping in to warm up!

Our Pool Heating Products

At Pool Assist, we stock a range of pool heaters to help you achieve the ideal heated pool temperature this cooler months. We have a range of different heaters, for different sized heated pools and for different budgets.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our pool heaters and discover which one is best for your pool.


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