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Health & Safety Of Swimmers Are A Priority

All commercial pool owners would agree that there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety and health of swimmers. Ensuring the safety and health of swimmers requires the maintenance of strong air and good water quality in your pool. Typically, commercial pool owners best attempts in maintaining water quality aren't enough in providing a clean and healthy pool environment. Unfortunately, the Australian Government’s Department of Health has discovered that more than ten percent of pools are operating with unacceptable disinfectant levels. This report should be taken as a strong warning, as chlorine and other pool disinfectants play a crucial part in the prevention of the spread of water-based bacteria. In indoor pools, particularly, a common concern is that of unhealthy air. The most prevalent problem regarding air quality in indoor pool environments is the excessive chlorine odour, which has the potential to bring about allergy symptoms and burning of the eyes, lungs and nose of swimmers. These helpful tips will help you take the correct steps in maintaining healthy pool water quality in your pool, commercial or domestic.

Test the quality of your water regularly

The chemistry of the water in your pool is quite complex, as anyone would agree, and the only course of action that could properly control the variables needed for healthy pool water is by means of constant monitoring. Both chlorine and pH levels should be monitored daily, and monthly tests of the other variables in your pool water of calcium hardness, copper, iron and total alkalinity should be conducted.

Be sure to be accurate in monitoring your water quality

When taking samples of your pool water, be sure to collect the water from at least 15cm below the surface of the water. Also ensure all solution tubes are thoroughly rinsed and cleaned both before and after every use. Pool water testing kits are available at every good pool management company, so be sure to get yours today to ensure the health and safety of your pool, and your swimmers.
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