Pool Equipments

Anyone who owns a pool knows the importance of keeping the water chemicals at the right level and it can be hard to get the balance right. To take the guesswork out of this process, many people have turned to chlorinators as an easy alternative to keep your pool clean and hygienic. But how do you know which chlorinator is right for your pool?

 When it comes to pool equipment Perth, we know what we’re talking about so today we’ll be looking at what you need to consider when choosing your chlorinator.

Size of the pool

A common mistake that people make when choosing a chlorinator is forgetting to take into account the size of their pool and assuming that any model will do the job. You need to know approximately how many litres of water your pool takes so you can be sure that your chlorinator will be up for the job. To determine how many litres of water your pool takes, you can consult your pool manual or measure your pool – length, width, and average depth.

Self-cleaning chlorinators

Another important consideration is whether you need a chlorinator with the ability to keep the cell clear of any build-up on the cell plates. This build-up is a common cause of the chlorinator ceasing to produce chlorine and the pool’s sanitation failing. Most chlorinators sold these days are ‘self-cleaning’ as it is a feature well worth having.

Type of chlorinator

A type of chlorinator you may encounter is a pool chlorinator that can automatically detect the level of chlorine in your pool water, regulate the amount of chlorine produced by the cell and adjust the pump’s running time. The functionality can also incorporate the ability to detect the pH of the pool water and automatically dose acid. These features can lead to significant savings in money and time and should certainly be considered.

Ask the experts

There are a number of chlorinators on the market for your pool and it’s best to get some expert advice so you choose the right one. Different chlorinators come with a range of different features and your local pool expert will be able to find a solution that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle. They can also assist with the installation which makes life much easier!

Pool Assist stock an extensive range of pool equipment to keep your pool in pristine condition year-round. We stock only reputable brands so you can be confident that you’re receiving a quality product. We don’t just supply equipment – our certified technicians also offer regular pool servicing and maintenance to keep your equipment running smoothly.

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