Does Pool Equipment Need To Be Covered

The joy of owning a swimming pool in the Australian climate is unmatched. But swimming pool owners are well aware of the responsibilities that accompany them. Key among these duties is maintaining the pool equipment that keeps the water clear and clean. This includes essential elements like the pool pump, pool filter system, and pool heating - all affected by Australia's demanding climate conditions. This leads to the question: "Does pool equipment need to be covered?" This blog will answer this question and provide an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of using equipment covers.

Understanding the Importance of Pool Equipment

Understanding why you need pool equipment covers requires you to understand the vital role each piece of equipment plays. The pool pump, the heart of your pool's circulation system, pumps water from the pool through the filter, the sanitation system and back again, removing impurities and maintaining clear water.

Meanwhile, the pool heater extends your swimming season by ensuring the water is at an ideal temperature, even beyond the hottest summer months. The pool filter system helps by capturing and removing debris and contaminants from your pool water.

The Benefits of Pool Equipment Covers

There are several compelling reasons to invest in equipment covers, ranging from prolonging the lifespan of your equipment to enhancing your overall pool experience.

Extending Your Equipment's Lifespan

The primary benefit of using a pool cover is its potential to extend the lifespan of your pool equipment. Your pool pump, pool heater, filter and sanitation system - often a chlorinator, when exposed to the relentless Australian sun, heavy rain, and gusty winds, can degrade over time. A well-chosen cover can keep your equipment in good condition for longer, saving you money on premature replacements.

Noise Reduction

Even with energy-efficient pool pumps, where they’re almost impossible to hear, some pumps do still make noise and can disrupt your peaceful poolside relaxation. So you'll be pleased to know that a well-designed cover can significantly reduce it. This additional peace and tranquillity can significantly enhance your overall pool experience, however, if you have noticed your equipment making a little too much, please call our technicians in so we can take a look!

Easy Access

Equipment covers are specifically designed to allow for easy access when conducting regular pool maintenance. Even with the protective cover in place, you can easily perform essential tasks such as checking water levels, adjusting your variable speed pump, or adding chemicals. This design ensures that maintenance tasks are never more burdensome than necessary.

The Drawbacks of Pool Equipment Covers

While pool equipment covers bring several benefits, it's also important to consider the potential drawbacks.

Potential Fumes and Moisture Buildup

A key concern when using a cover is the potential for any fumes and moisture to build up. Without proper ventilation, it can lead to rust or corrosion over time. This could inadvertently undermine the protection that the cover is supposed to provide, making proper selection and installation crucial.

Aesthetic Considerations

While they serve a practical purpose, some pool owners may find equipment covers less than visually appealing. However, given the range available, you can likely find an enclosure or cover that suits your pool area's overall aesthetic.

Heat Pump Performance Reduction

Even though pool pumps can be incredibly helpful in increasing the longevity use of your pool, where it works by sucking in warm air and blowing out cold, it can cause problems with your pool cover. The main issue comes from its placement as it can potentially trap cold air underneath and dramatically affect your heat pump’s performance

Making an Informed Decision on Pool Equipment Covers

The choice to invest in an equipment cover involves various factors such as the type of swimming pool pump you own, your local climate, personal preferences, and budget constraints.

Custom vs Universal Covers

Pool pump covers and pool heater covers are typically sold separately, but there are universal options that cover all equipment. These comprehensive solutions might be costlier, so balancing your budget against the necessary level of protection is a crucial aspect of your decision-making process.

Climate Considerations

In Australia, weather conditions can vary significantly from region to region. From harsh sunlight in Perth to humid conditions in Queensland, each region presents a unique set of challenges for your equipment. So, be sure to understand the environmental conditions your swimming pool equipment will be exposed to when you choose your cover.

Cost vs Quality

Cost is always a factor in any decision-making process. Although high-quality, durable covers might have a higher upfront cost, they could save you money in the long run by reducing the frequency of equipment replacements. It's always a good idea to consider this when you're deciding on a budget for your equipment cover.

Best Practices for Using Pool Equipment Covers

To make the most out of your cover, it's necessary to follow certain practices. Proper equipment installation, regular maintenance, and prompt replacement of worn-out covers can go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your swimming pool equipment.

Proper Installation

An improperly installed cover could cause more harm than good. Ensure that the cover fits well and that there's enough ventilation to prevent moisture buildup. Getting Pool Assist in for the equipment installation would be a good idea as we can show you how it should fit.

Regular Maintenance

Just like the equipment they protect, pool equipment covers also need regular maintenance. Regular cleaning and inspection for wear and tear are critical to keeping the covers in good condition and functioning effectively.

Timely Replacement

No cover lasts forever. Depending on the material and the environmental conditions, you'll need to replace your pool equipment cover after a certain period. Don't wait for the cover to completely wear out as a worn-out cover can't provide effective protection.

Call In Pool Assist

So, to answer the question of 'Does pool equipment need to be covered?', the simple answer is yes, investing in pool equipment covers can be a great idea for pool owners. While there are some trade-offs to consider, the benefits of extended equipment lifespan and noise reduction often outweigh the potential downsides. Remember that each swimming pool and its context is unique, so thorough research and consideration of your specific circumstances are key in making this decision. If you still don't know where to start, or you need someone to do some regular maintenance, contact us at Pool Assist, or fill out our service form and we'll help you get sorted.