Your pool pump is an essential piece of equipment and it needs to be looked after to ensure your pool runs efficiently. Unfortunately, the pool pump is often neglected which can lead to long term issues. As experts in pool pump repair Perth, we’ve seen first-hand the mistakes people make when it comes to their pool pumps. Today, we’ll share the most common mistakes so you can avoid them in the future.

Common Pool Pump Mistakes to Avoid

Neglecting the basket

It’s often the most basic aspects of maintenance that get overlooked when it comes to the pool and simply cleaning out the pump basket regularly can make a big difference to the performance of your pool pump. The basket can get clogged up very quickly with leaves and other debris and this leads to decreased water flow which can result in additional issues such as algae – not a good look for your pool! Try to remember to clean out the basket at least once a week.

Installing the wrong pump size

A lot of people are surprised to hear that a common issue is when the pool pump is actually too big for the pool. Unfortunately, a bigger pool pump doesn’t mean that it’s more efficient. In fact, it means you’re wasting a lot of money on electricity and it can damage your filter. On the other hand, a pump which is too small means can put too much strain put on the motor. If you’ve moved into a house with a pool, it’s a good idea to get an expert over to do a service. They can take a look at your pool pump and make sure it’s the right size for your needs.

Not running your pump enough (or too much!)

A very common mistake that pool owners make is underestimating how they need to run their pump. For a typical sized pool, we recommend running your pump for around 7-8 hours per day in summer so all the water is being moved around and cleaned. Running your pump for a decent amount of time means that you spend less on chemicals as there’s less chance of murky water and algae blooms. Although it’s more common for people not to run their pump for long enough, you also need to be mindful of not running it for too long. Running your pump for too long is a waste of energy and can also put unnecessary pressure on the motor.

Having your water level too low

This sounds simple but you’d be surprised how easy it is for the water level to drop too low in your pool. In summer, your pool will lose an appreciable amount of water to evaporation thanks to the sun’s heat. Make sure you keep an eye on the water level ensuring its around halfway up the skimmer box opening. If the water level drops below the skimmer box opening, the pump will run the risk of running dry and potentially seizing – a costly mistake!

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