pool cleaners perth
When it comes to keeping your pool clean, getting regular pool servicing is a great idea to not only deliver crystal clear results but to also ensure that your equipment is running smoothly. However, you need to maintain your pool between services and it’s a smart idea to invest in good quality pool cleaning equipment to make life easier. Today, we’ll be taking at the range of pool cleaners offered through Zodiac. Zodiac are suppliers of pool equipment and products globally and carry a range of user-friendly products to the market.

Pressure pool cleaners

Zodiac offers pressure pool cleaners that are operated by water pressure from your pool pump. They have their own filter bag, so don’t place any pressure on your skimmer basket or pump basket. This makes them a good choice if you have heavy leaf fall and other larger debris in your pool. The Polaris range of pressure cleaners are a popular choice for domestic pools for superior cleaning power.

Suction pool cleaners

The Zodiac range of mechanical suction pool cleaners are a cost-effective solution for keeping your pool clean – they simply attach to your skimmer box and are powered by the filtration pump. These easy to use cleaners vacuum the bottom of the pool in a random pattern to get rid of dirt and debris. You can then easily empty your skimmer basket. At the top of the range is the AX10 ACTIV with an active cyclonic scrubbing action, and the G2 model is a great all-round option for clean results.

Robotic pool cleaners

At the top of the line is the Vortex-Pro VX65 iQ which connects to your Wi-Fi for the ultimate inconvenience. This means you don’t even need to be near your pool to get it started! There are also a number of other models in the Vortex-Pro range which have a patented lift system for easy removal from the water to reduce to risk of cord tangling. They also carry the Tornax range as the perfect entry-level robotic cleaner. If you’re interested in finding out more about Zodiac robotic pool cleaners, or any of the other leading brands, the team at Pool Assist can help. We provide a range of pool accessories and our expert staff are on hand for troubleshooting and advice. Our technicians can also help with cleaning, repairs and maintenance so your pool equipment runs efficiency for pristine results. Give us a call today! For a range of leading brand pool equipment and accessories, speak with Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62.