Pool Maintenance
When you own a pool, your pool shop is your best friend when it comes to ongoing maintenance! If you’ve been busily Googling for a pool shop ‘near me’, remember that there are lots of areas of pool maintenance that they can help you with. Let’s take a look at how your pool shop can help you so you know what’s on offer next time you visit!  

Full water testing

One of the best things about going along to your pool shop is that they make balancing the pH of your water easy. Simply bring in a sample of your water and they’ll test it on the spot to let you know what you need to add to your water to get it up to standard. Once you’re ready to do it yourself, they can also provide easy take-home test kits.  

Advice on replacements

Although good quality pool equipment will last for many years, there may eventually come a time when a replacement is in order. If you’re not sure what brand is best for your pool, simply go into your pool shop and ask for some advice. They’ll be able to show you leading brand products and help you select equipment which is right for your pool and lifestyle.  

General pool supplies

Of course, when it comes to supplies for your then your pool shop is the place to visit. From chemicals and salt to filters and pumps, your pool shop will carry everything you need. They also provide additional pool accessories such as pool covers. If your pool shop doesn’t have exactly what you need, simply ask and they may be able to source it for you.  

Troubleshooting for issues

Having a pool is a great addition to your home but it also means that issues may come up from time to time that you’re not sure how to address. If you need assistance, just go along to your pool shop and they’ll be happy to provide advice or tips. Whether you’re having issues with water quality or your equipment isn’t working properly, just ask!  

Servicing and repairs

Your pool shop doesn’t just help with pool equipment and supplies. They also have certified technicians on hand who will be able to carry out general servicing or more complex repairs. Whether you want someone to service your pool before the swimming season starts or you want regular maintenance to save you time, speak with the team at your pool shop and ask them what services they offer.   Here at Pool Assist, we have a number of convenient pool shops in Perth and our friendly staff are ready to answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re in the marker for some new equipment or you have a question about maintain your pool, we can help. We also offer expert servicing and repairs so your pool looks pristine year-round.   For all of your pool-related needs, drop into one of the Pool Assist stores today.