a pool cleaner doing swimming pool cleaning services
With the summer heat stretching out into autumn, your swimming pool is probably continuing to get a bit of a workout. However, this also means that you need to keep on top of your maintenance for longer which, let’s face it, can get a bit old. If you want a sparkling clean pool for less work, a robotic pool cleaner may be the best option for you. Robotic pool cleaners are a step up from the older style suction cleaners and many pool owners find that they make life a lot easier. Let’s take a look at what you can expect with a robotic pool cleaner.

How does a robotic pool cleaner work?

Robot pool cleaners lead the market when it comes to real results for your pool. They have an electric motor which creates suction, similar to pressure cleaners, to remove dirt and debris from the pool. Most models also use rotating brushes to help dislodge more stubborn dirt such as algae. They move around the bottom and sides of the pool using wheels or tracks and the low voltage used to power the robot makes it safe to use in the water. Some models only move around the bottom of the pool – it just depends what you require for your lifestyle. Robotic pool cleaners have energy efficient motors to allow them to offer superior cleaning while also using minimal power. They use advanced computer technology which offers a range of different modes and operates in random patterns depending on what your pool needs. For example, you may need a quick once-over or need a longer clean. Once your robot cleaner has sucked up debris, it goes into a separate filter bag which needs to be emptied. Compared to the unfortunate reputation that suction cleaners have for getting stuck in corners, robotic pool cleaners are able to navigate bends, pool pumps, corners and steps with ease thanks to their superior technology which allows them to map out the layout of the pool.

Why buy a robotic pool cleaner?

  1. More efficient – Thanks to their advanced technology, robotic pool cleaners are more efficient when compared to suction cleaners as they do a better job in less time. They’re also highly energy efficient which reduces the impact on the environment--a great addition to your filtration system!
  2. Saves money – While you may have to spend more with the initial investment for a robotic pool cleaner, they tend to save you money in the long run due to them being highly energy efficient. Their energy efficient operation also means a lower power bill!
  3. Easy to use – With a robotic pool cleaner, there’s minimal involvement for you. All you need to do is drop it into the pool and turn it one! Many robotic cleaners have advanced technology which allows you to choose the best program and there are even some which link to apps.
  4. Operates independently – One of the best things about robotic pool cleaners is that they don’t place any pressure on your existing pool equipment thanks to their self-contained filter. Unlike suction cleaners, your filter will continue to operate without having to share power with your robot.
  5. Advanced technology – Robot cleaners have advanced computer technology that maps the layout of the pool, making it easier for them to miss no spots and not get stuck in corners. This technology also covers timers and Apps that can be connected to your pool robot so you can control it remotely.
  6. Maintains pool chemicals – Your pool chemicals can be impacted by accumulated dirt and debris especially in your skimmer box, which leads to unbalanced water. Robotic pool cleaners are efficient and scrubbing and removing dirt from pool surfaces which means less chemicals required for your pool.

How often should I use my robotic pool cleaner?

It really depends on how frequently you’re using your pool. During the peak summer months, you should be looking to run your robot every day or at least every second day. During the cooler months or periods when you’re not really using the pool, you can get away with using your robot around once a week. However, if your pool tends to get a lot of debris in it then you should consider running it more regularly.

How do I maintain my robotic pool cleaner?

Robotic cleaners are very easy to use but you do need to make sure you maintain your automatic pool cleaners correctly to ensure a long life. Unlike suction cleaners which tend to be left in the water, your robot does need to be taken out once it’s finished its cycle. Give it a gentle rinse to remove pool chemicals and give it a quick once-over to make sure there’s nothing stuck in the brushes. Once the brushes are looking a bit worn, they’ll need to be replaced to ensure your robot can clean effectively. Store your robot out of the elements so it doesn’t become damaged and check the cord for kinks or knots.

What should I look for in a pool robot?

Firstly, you should be looking for a pool robot which suits the size and level of use of your pool. This will ensure that your robot will be able to keep up with the level of cleaning which is required. While some models will only be cleaning your pool from the bottom, in most cases it’s better if you choose a model which will also cover the stairs and sides. Opt for a brand with a good reputation so you can be confident that you’re receiving a quality product – your pool technician will be able to point you in the right direction. At Pool Assist, we carry a range of premium robotic pool cleaners which make pool maintenance easier than ever. We stock only the leading brands, such as Dolphin, Zodiac, Astral, Hayward and Kreepy Krauly and our experienced staff can advise you as to the best product for your pool. We also offer expert servicing and repairs to ensure that your robotic pool cleaner operates at its best for crystal clear results. For more information on robotic pool cleaners or to take a look at our range, visit Pool Assist at one of our convenient locations.