EvoHeat Fusion i7 Heat Pump

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The Evo Fusion-i heat pump is the ideal choice for recreational pool & spa owners looking to extend their swim season
with minimal running costs. Designed with the latest technology including stepless full DC inverter compressors, fans,
and control systems – the Evo Fusion-i is the energy effcient and environmentally friendly way to enjoy a longer swim
season. With more features as standard, like the intelligent touch screen controller and built in timers, the Evo Fusion-i
is the smarter alternative for those considering gas, solar thermal or electric element heating.

Key Features:

» Extremely energy effcient, C.O.P. up to 10.98
» Latest full stepless inverter technology
» Available in 5 models, 7kW to 19kW
» Heating and cooling capability
» Easy to use LCD touchscreen controller
» Built-in timers
» Low noise fan blades
» Robust ABS cabinet
» Eco-friendly and safe R32 refrigerant
» Automatic defrost system
» Horizontal front discharge air flow
» Simple installation
» Sleek design
» Small footprint, ideal for tight installations
» Guaranteed stable performance from -7°C air
» Ideal to work with solar PV panels 

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