Pool Shop South Perth

Pool Service and Pool Supplies in South Perth

Living in an area where improvements and innovation are constantly occurring leaves room for a reliable pool shop and that’s what Pool Assist is. Pool Assist is a dedicated store, providing the newest and most reliable equipment to date for your pool.

 Being a reliable store is what makes Pool Assist more welcoming than other shops in South Perth. You will always know that we have whatever you need in stock and are ready for purchase at any time. 

 What else makes us so consistent is our well-trained staff that knows what advice to give and what suggestions to make with any pool. If you need someone to clean your resident or commercial pool then we have the equipment to get the job done to a level that can’t be matched.

 Pool Assist not only contains the essentials to keep your pool running but also all the extras that allow your pool to keep up with the innovation going on. Cover heaters, automated pool cleaners and more is only one click away at Pool Assist.

Visit Pool Shop South Perth when your pool needs some cleaning and we can send out a well experienced and educated Pool Assist staff member to get the job done.