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Suction vs Robotic Pool Cleaners: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to keeping your pool clean, thankfully there is technology available to make the task a lot easier. Rather than resorting to manual scrubbing, there is a range of pool cleaners on the market to allow a more hands-off approach. Pool robotic cleaners and suction cleaners are the two most popular automatic pool cleaner options – let’s take a closer look so you can decide which would best suit you.

Robot pool cleaners

When it comes to advanced technology, robotic pool cleaners lead the market and deliver pristine results. Robot cleaners run independently from the pool filter which means that you don’t put any added pressure onto your existing pool equipment. They’re also very easy to use – you can just drop them into the water and turn them on. The advanced technology means that the robot can ‘map’ the layout of the pool to ensure that every surface is clean and it also means that the robot doesn’t get stuck in corners.

The perceived downside of a robot pool cleaner is the upfront cost as it does mean a bigger investment compared to other automatic pool cleaners. However, robot cleaners simply do a much better job, require less maintenance and are very efficient which means that they tend to save you money in the long run. Although robotic cleaners work particularly on fine particles and small debris, some models are not quite as powerful or effective with larger debris such as big leaves so do your research or speak to your pool technician – they can help you choose the best robot for your needs.

Suction pool cleaners

Suction pool cleaners continue to be a popular option as a cost-effective way to keep your pool free of debris. They are attached to the pool’s skimmer box and rely on the suction of your pump to work. They move around in a random pattern to clean the walls, steps, and floor of your pool.

Due to a suction cleaner attaching directly to the pump, you need to make sure you check your skimmer box regularly when it’s in use as debris can build up quickly. Compared to a robot cleaner, a suction cleaner takes much longer to do its job and needs to be left in the water for longer.  A common problem with suction cleaners is that they get stuck in corners or on large debris (such as a large leaf or gum nut) and as a result don’t do as good a job. They can also be more of a hassle to get in and out of the water due to the hose.

If you’re in the market for a pool robotic cleaner, Pool Assist can help. We carry a range of the leading brand robot pool cleaners and our team will provide expert advice so you can find a product that is perfect for your pool. Our certified technicians can also carry out repairs to ensure that your robot cleaner does its job as efficiently as possible.

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