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Chris and Lola Sammel

The easiest way to save on your pools energy costs

It is a well-known fact that variable speed pumps save pool owners on their pool energy costs by up to 80 percent.

In practice, a variable speed pump is the most logical approach in pool maintenance.

When you think about it, single-speed pumps operate at a constant speed assuming that your pool or spa is being used 24/7.

These traditional pool pumps have been utilized for decades, can create a lot of noise, are inefficient, and is most likely the most costly appliance in your home.

Using variable speed pumps to save on your pools energy costs

Variable speed pumps not only use a minimal amount of electricity, but they also utilize what is known as a ‘permanent magnet motor’, which is commonly found in electric cars.

Variable speed pumps allow you to change the flow rate of water needed for your pool.

In doing so, you create less friction in the water, making the entire pump system more efficient, whilst also being much quieter, cooler, vibrate less and being digitally maintained and controlled.

Without failure, all of our clients after variable speed pump installations have been extremely happy to make the switch, so what are you waiting for?