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The team at Pool Assist are amazing to deal with and I highly recommend them for all your pool related needs. My wife and I needed a solution to make our pool cleaner in the... summer and warmer in the winter - Andrew gave us a wealth of knowledge as to picking the best products. Thanks Andrew!Read more

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Pool Maintenance FAQs

Published on Mar 06, 2019 in Pool Maintenance

Yes, pool maintenance can be a bit of a chore but it’s also essential for keeping your pool clear and healthy. As professional pool cleaners, we get a lot of questions from our customers about the maintenance of their pool. Today, we answer some of our most frequently asked questions about taking care of your pool. Why is my pump so noisy? If you’re having issues with a noisy pump, there could be a number of causes. In some cases, it’s something as simple as the pump vibrating against the surface it’s resting on. In other cases, it could be […]

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How To Make Sure Everyone Stays Safe In Your Commercial Pool

Published on Feb 26, 2019 in Pool Advice

Having a pool at a commercial property can be a great way of making your property seem more enticing and a people love the additional of a pool. However, when you operate a commercial pool it means you’re responsible for the health and safety of members of the public. So, what do you need to do to keep everyone safe? As professional commercial pool cleaners, today we’ll be sharing our top tips for making sure users stay safe in your commercial pool. Have clear warnings and rules Don’t assume that patrons using the pool will know what’s allowed and what […]

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5 Signs that Your Pool Pump Needs To Be Repaired

Published on Feb 21, 2019 in Pool Pumps

Your pool pump is the heart of your pool and if it’s not working correctly, your entire pool system suffers. So when it comes to pool pump repair, how do you know if it’s time to call in the experts to take a look? Today, we’re helping take the guesswork work out by sharing the top signs that your pump needs repair. Water leaks Water leaking from your pool pump is a definite sign that you need to get the professionals in to take a look. Leaking water could have a number of causes, such as a damaged mechanical seal […]

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Questions You Should Ask Your Pool Service Company

Published on Jan 19, 2019 in Pool Advice

If you love your pool but hate the maintenance that goes with it, you’re not alone. To make life easier, a lot of people let the professionals take care of their pool servicing so they can enjoy the water. But what should you look for in a pool service company? Today, we’ll look at some of the questions you should ask a potential pool service company so you can be confident that you’ll get the sparkling results that you’re after. What do you include in a standard service? One of the first things you need to ask a potential pool […]

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