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The team at Pool Assist are amazing to deal with and I highly recommend them for all your pool related needs. My wife and I needed a solution to make our pool cleaner in the... summer and warmer in the winter - Andrew gave us a wealth of knowledge as to picking the best products. Thanks Andrew!Read more

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Top Maintenance Tips from Our Professional Pool Cleaners

Published on Jun 28, 2018 in Pool Cleaners

Owning a pool sounds fantastic in theory – what better way to cool off and entertain your friends! However, as beneficial as it is to own a pool, you also need to factor in the need for maintenance. So, where do you start? At Pool Assist, our professional pool cleaners in Perth know a thing or two about keeping your pool well maintained and today we’ll be sharing some of our most useful tips.   Clean out the skimmer basket One of the most basic maintenance tips is to clean out the skimmer basket on a regular basis as it […]

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What To Expect From Your Pool Service Perth

Published on Jun 12, 2018 in Pool Advice, Pool Cleaners

Although you need to carry out your own maintenance to keep your pool looking its best, regular professional servicing can make a huge difference to the cleanliness and visual appeal of your pool. Whether you opt for regular fortnightly servicing or prefer to call in the professionals every so often, there are certain things you should expect from your servicing appointment. Today, we’ll be looking at what your technician should get up to during scheduled pool maintenance so you know what standard you should expect.   General maintenance One of the first things your pool technician will do is general […]

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Troubleshooting for Your Robotic Pool Cleaner

Published on May 18, 2018 in Pool Cleaners

There’s nothing quite like a pristine looking pool to add to the aesthetic of your outdoor area and your pool cleaner plays an important role in keeping your water sparkling. There are a few different types you can choose from and robotic pool cleaners offer the latest technology. Although robotic pool cleaners have a reputation as being low maintenance and reliable, there may be times where you run into issues. Today, we’ll be offering our top troubleshooting tips when your robotic pool cleaner isn’t behaving. Your robot cleaner won’t move One of the most common issues we have people ask […]

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The Quick Guide to Dolphin Pool Cleaners

Published on May 12, 2018 in Pool Cleaners

Let’s be honest, when you own a pool you want crystal clear results with as little effort as possible – after all, you have a life to lead! Although regular professional maintenance is recommended to keep your pool in perfect condition, a good pool cleaner can make all the difference on a day to day basis. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Dolphin range of robotic pool cleaners and what this advanced equipment can offer. Leading the industry Dolphin pool cleaners lead the industry when it comes to technology and innovation, making it one of the most […]

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