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The team at Pool Assist are amazing to deal with and I highly recommend them for all your pool related needs. My wife and I needed a solution to make our pool cleaner in the... summer and warmer in the winter - Andrew gave us a wealth of knowledge as to picking the best products. Thanks Andrew!Read more

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Pool Cover

Published on Dec 16, 2015 in Pool Advice

The benefits of installing a pool cover No pool is complete without a pool cover Installing or using a pool cover is a highly effective and simple way of keeping your pool free of bugs and garden debris. There are a number of other benefits to making sure your pool is covered during those winter months when it is not in use. Your pool cover – an essential accessory Pool covers are an vital accessory for any Australian pool which will save you both money and time when it comes to pool maintenance. Using a pool cover is the most […]

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Salt Chlorinator

Published on Dec 09, 2015 in Pool Advice, Pool Pumps

Salt chlorination simpler and safer alternative In a time before pool chlorinators were popular, it was essential to store and handle harsh chlorination chemicals as a way to keep a swimming pool safe and clean for all to use. The advancements in the pool industry today have bought us a simpler and safer alternative – salt chlorination. Salt chlorinators are a convenient and natural alternative to the traditional harsh solid or liquid chemical chlorine. How does a salt chlorinator work? Salt systems convert salt that has been dissolved into the perfect amount of chlorine, so you will always have clear, […]

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The Effect Of Rain On Your Pool Water

Published on Dec 02, 2015 in Pool Advice

Rainwater negatively impacts the chemistry of your pool water Rainwater is well known for its acidic properties that negatively impacts the chemistry of your pool water balance, affecting anything from the alkalinity levels to the pH balance. Acidic rain is due to the widespread presence of industrial gases that make sulfuric and nitric acid. Not only is rainwater directly falling into your pool a bad thing, but the additional source of water streaming from your deck or landscape can cause big problems. When rainwater and water run off enters your pool, your water’s pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), calcium hardness, […]

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Cracking The Code – Public Pool Maintenance & Regulations

Published on Nov 26, 2015 in Pool Maintenance

What the Australian code of practice for the operation and maintenance of aquatic facilities means for your pool Every year, Australians make more than 250 million visits to swimming areas. That’s 250 million reasons why your pool needs to be kept as safe and clean as possible. It is the responsibility of all pool managers to ensure that best practices are put in place for all aspects of a swimming area, including its management, maintenance and design. When it comes to the health and safety of swimmers, following these guidelines in the Australian code of practice for public pool maintenance […]

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