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Home Swimming Hazards all Pool & Spa Owners Need to be Aware of

Adult and youth swimmers are all susceptible to the hazards posed by home swimming pools.

The most tragic danger there is in owning a pool is of course drowning.

Precautions such as fencing the pool in and teaching children how to swim are extremely important, but even with all these precautions in place, there are still many risks.

Home Swimming Hazards – Drain Entrapment

One of the most unusual yet devastating hazards is known as ‘Drain Entrapment’.

Drain entrapment is where a body limb is held against the drain of a pool or spa by the powerful force of the pool’s suction.

Limbs are not alone in being vulnerable to drain entrapment, in fact, there have been many cases around the world that show the disastrous aftermath of drain entrapment in which hair, jewelry or an article of clothing is caught in a faulty pools drainage system.

So now how to prevent this from happening in your pool?

One of the only ways to keep all adults and children safe from drain entrapment is to install ‘anti-entrapment’ or ‘safety drain covers’, whilst also making sure your pool drainage system is regularly inspected and maintained.

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