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Having a pool is major drawcard with the hot Australian summers but the trade-off is that you need to keep on top of maintenance. Luckily, there are pool experts available to carry out servicing. Not only does professional maintenance keep your pool looking great, but it also ensures that your pool equipment is running correctly to avoid expensive issues down the track. But how often should you bring in the professionals to service your pool? Let’s take a look! Develop your own schedule When it comes to the frequency of having your pool serviced, it’s really an individual decision. If you don’t mind doing general maintenance, occasional pool servicing at the beginning and end of the season might be enough to check over your equipment and ensure everything is running smoothly. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to keep on top of pool maintenance then fortnightly servicing during the summer months can take the pressure off. You can also get your pool expert in before a big event when you want the water to look sparkling, or when you wake up to the dreaded green pool and need help with the treatment. The bottom line is that you should find a pool service company who are willing to be flexible and work around your needs. Your pool technician will be able to give you advice as to how frequently servicing may need to take place and will also be able to help with troubleshooting and advice between services, so you feel confident handling your pool. Maintaining your pool between services Although getting the experts in takes a lot of the hard work out of having a pool, you still need to keep on top of maintenance between visits -particularly if your servicing isn’t regular. Scoop out leaves and debris sitting on top of the water on a regular basis, and check your skimmer basket because a build-up of debris can impact on your pump and filter. If you have a sand filter, you need to remember to backwash on at least a monthly basis but this may need to be more frequent if you’re using your pool a lot. With a cartridge filter system, check the cartridge regularly and hose it down to get rid of any build-up. Check the pH on a weekly basis in summer and every few weeks in winter, and aim to keep your levels between 7.2 and 7.6. You can either take your water into your local pool shop or use some at-home test kits. During the summer months, you need to ensure that your pool pump is running for at least 7-8 hours each day to get the water circulating. Here at Pool Assist, we offer expert pool cleaning service, along with maintenance and repairs, to keep your pool in pristine condition. We offer a high quality, cost-effective service to commercial and residential pools and spas throughout the Perth area. Our certified technicians have the knowledge and experience to deliver clean, sparkling results year-round. For professional swimming pool service, contact the team at Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62.
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